How we honoured R U OK? Day this year

We’re proud to support R U OK? Day, which is why we always host an event every year to mark this important occasion and spread awareness.

R U OK? Day encourages us to check-in on friends, family, and colleagues and ask that all-important question, ‘Are you okay?’

We wanted to help our community get in on the spirit of the day and start some meaningful conversations, so on Thursday 12 September, we hosted a pop-up event at Arbor Cafe.

We had a fabulous line up of activities to help take care of your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as your social health. If you missed it, or simply want to re-live it, check out the highlights below.

We started off with an R U OK? Day-themed floral photo wall set up, and lots of people could be seen happily posing for selfies and taking group photos with their colleagues – it was lovely to see.


We also had an R U OK? Day lucky dip, where everyone scored a free mini-KitKat with an inspirational message attached. The little notes were all lovingly handwritten by your Community Manager and we hoped it helped to brighten up your day.


The main drawcard of the day was our complimentary 10-minute seated massages. We had the team from Hills Physiotherapy on hand with Meg, Sandra, Samantha and Alysia, all ready to massage us into a state of bliss and melt away the stress of the day with their magic hands. The ladies were busy with back-to-back massages. Safe to say that our community members felt very relaxed.


Arbor Cafe came through with the goods once again, offering a special lunch deal of a burger, chips and a can of soft drink for only $10. It was obviously popular, as the deal didn’t last long and completely sold out!

Last but not least was our Thursday Pilates class with Jule, which was happening simultaneously. We took the opportunity for a group photo to help create that community spirit and act as a reminder of what the day is all about. Check out our happy, smiling community promoting the R U OK? Day message.


With a cute photo wall, free KitKats, complimentary massages, a great value lunch deal, and a free Pilates class, we were truly spoilt for choice with an abundance of cool stuff in just one day! We had something for everyone and we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Nexus Sustainability Committee launch

The first meeting of the Nexus Sustainability Committee was a great success, with a solid start made to this important initiative

Presented by Salta Properties‘ Sustainability Manager Nikki Paton, we kicked off the meeting by stating the intention behind this committee and shared some cold hard facts with attendees, like this one: Did you know that 98% of our community who participated in the sustainability survey last year are concerned about the impact of waste on the environment?

This is a staggering statistic that was important to address and is what motivated us to start the Nexus Sustainability Committee in the first place! We had a great turn out, as you can see below.


We partnered with a new waste management provider in order to improve our current waste management in the hope of reducing waste and diverting it from landfill. If you missed this announcement earlier in the year, you can catch up via this post: Ready for some trash talk?

The committee’s focus then shifted to discussing what we want to achieve at Nexus, and Salta Properties’s commitment to making substantial changes. As a result, we are now supplying all tenancies with complimentary waste and recycling bins, in order to help each tenancy correctly sort their rubbish.

These Ecobins will be offered free of charge and quantities will be dependent on the individual size of each tenancy.


You might be surprised to know that Nexus Corporate is currently diverting over 42% of our waste from landfill. We think we can improve these stats and aim to increase this figure to 50% or more by the next financial year.


Salta announces $5 million investment plans for Nexus

We have commenced construction of more than 22,000 sqm of lettable space and $5 million worth of upgrades and services as part of the next stage for Nexus, making the expansive business park one of the most sought-after commercial developments in Melbourne.

The on-going investment and expansion of Nexus will continue to offer a variety of unique and innovative facilities aimed not only at our valued tenants, but directly towards their employees.

Once completed, the complex, valued at more than $1 billion, will provide in excess of 120,000 sqm of lettable space.

Managing Director, Sam Tarascio said that Nexus was unlike any development the company had undertaken in the past and that its team had worked with tenants and partners to create a unique environment.


Sam Tarascio at Nexus, Mulgrave

“We have made a significant investment in wellbeing at Nexus, investing an additional $5 million into the existing estate amenity and environmentally sustainable infrastructure, designed to make Nexus extremely occupier friendly.”

“A new 24/7 Health and Wellbeing Club is being built on the ground floor of 1 Nexus that includes allied health services like Yoga, Meditation and Pilates. A 1.4km circuit running track around the estate and outdoor gym will also be installed as well as upgrades to end of trip facilities. We have also invested in Equiem, a community engagement and communication platform, offering unrivalled connectivity throughout the complex,” Mr Tarascio said.

Equiem is available to all people working at Nexus, enabling them to communicate directly with the landlord and report issues to ensure uninterrupted services around the clock. The platform will also be used to coordinate activities throughout the estate, strengthening the Nexus community.

As part of Salta Properties’ expansion plans, it recently acquired a 2,957 sqm property adjoining Nexus at 1-3 Geddes Street. The property was bought for $2.475 million through Crabtree Real Estate. The site currently features a free-standing tenanted building occupied by Visit Group Pty Ltd on a long-term lease.

Crabtree’s Gavin Dumas said negotiations between the purchaser and the vendor had resulted in an agreement that contributes positively to the amenities available for existing tenants, as well as enabling further growth of Nexus.

Sam Tarascio said that there are numerous initiatives for the complex, including the construction of new buildings, which will provide an additional 15,000sqm of lettable space within the next two years, available in 2020 and 2021.

2 new buildings are underway at Nexus Mulgrave

“Nexus is a place where businesses and their staff want to relocate, so we are working hard to meet demand. The modern environment will be complemented by extensive landscaping, a new central plaza, expansive outdoor spaces and even a running track.

“This, coupled with the high-quality businesses already on-site, access points from both Springvale and Dunlop Roads, plus the focus on excellent communication has made Nexus one of the most sought after business estates outside the Melbourne CBD,” said Mr Dumas.

Pinnacle Health Club – Opening October

Pinnacle Health Club is a local, family-owned health and wellbeing club that will be moving into our estate in early October.

They specialise in offering a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, with premium 24/7 facilities including a small team training studio, reformer Pilates studio and dedicated yoga and meditation studio space.

Pinnacle will be located on the ground floor of 1 Nexus Court, making it easy for you to fit in your training either before, during or after work.

The team from Pinnacle will be out and about in the Nexus estate this week to meet the community and answer any of your questions, so be sure to keep a lookout for them to say hello and ask any burning questions about the club.

If you’d like more information on Pinnacle or want to find out more about membership, head here – the first 50 people to sign up will get their first month free!

Carlisle to move to Nexus expansion

“Carlisle Homes has been an integral partner in the success of Nexus Corporate and it is a pleasure to continue to accommodate its evolution and changing needs.”

Carlisle Homes has signed on as the anchor tenant for Salta Properties’ new $150 million office building, signaling the appointment of Hickory as its construction partner as it expands the footprint of its business park, Nexus Corporate in Mulgrave.

This new ten-year lease marks Carlisle Homes’ third move within the Nexus Corporate precinct due to its business expansion. The award-winning construction company, Carlisle Homes will occupy 8,000 sqm at its new headquarters, which will include impressive showroom spaces and 4 levels of A-grade office space.

The agreement with Carlisle Homes allows Salta Properties to move ahead with the development of the greater Nexus site, which will house 20,000 sqm across 2 buildings and significantly increase the capacity of Victoria’s largest business park to 75,000sqm.

Salta Properties Managing Director, Sam Tarascio, highlighted the strong relationship between Salta and Carlisle Homes and is delighted to accommodate its expansion plans, which will help foster growth at Nexus Corporate.

“Carlisle Homes has been an integral partner in the success of Nexus Corporate and it is a pleasure to continue to accommodate its evolution and changing needs. The building has been specifically designed for Carlisle Homes’ expansion and growth and we look forward to providing the highest quality services at Nexus over the next ten years.

“Carlisle Homes’ commitment to the site allows us to fast-track the development and appoint Hickory as our construction partner who we look forward to working with as the project gets underway,” said Mr. Tarascio.

Carlisle Homes Managing Director, John Doulgeridis said that its new ten-year lease with Salta Properties is testament to the Nexus Corporate brand.
“Salta Properties has been incredibly accommodating during our 12 years at Nexus Corporate and has supported our business growth from the outset, expanding from 45 to 300 employees since we first moved into the precinct in 2007,” said Mr. Doulgeridis.

Hickory will commence construction in July of 2019 with completion anticipated by 2021. As part of Salta Properties’ commitment to invest in infrastructure and amenities for its tenants, the intersection at Dunlop Road will be upgraded before construction commences, with the addition of traffic lights for safe pedestrian crossing.


Read an article in the AFR regarding this new expansion


Mindful Movement in May

The Mindful Movement in May kicked off with a Zumba class – Steve led us all on a journey of upbeat music, dance and cardio aerobic moves to produce a fun workout, which managed to work up a sweat without feeling like a chore.

The following week saw more than 35 attendees at our Pilates Class.

The class was led by our wonderful instructor Bec Louey, who guided us through a series of strengthening exercises that activated the core, strengthened the back and engaged all manner of muscles – we’re talking glutes, quads and abs.

It’s amazing what an overall workout you can actually achieve despite much of it being completed on a mat. If you attended the class, I have no doubt you were feeling it the next day.




The third week saw a myofascial release class, which was a great hit!

With most of us working in sedentary desk jobs, it doesn’t take long for stress and tension to cause pain and discomfort. That’s why we thought a session like this was a much-needed commodity.

The class was led by our amazing instructor Jovana, who guided us through a series of exercises to help relieve built-up tension in our muscles. Each participant received their very own spiky massage ball, and by applying self-massage techniques, we were able to loosen-up any sore, tight spots.

Jovana taught us how to correctly use the massage ball and how to properly apply pressure to stimulate circulation in the myofascial tissues. Below you can see the lady herself showing us how it’s done.


Jovana, who is an ex-gymnast and qualified personal trainer certified in myofascial release training, started off the class with some warm-up exercises to limber us up and get us ready for what was to come. Starting from the soles of our feet and working all the way up to our calves, thighs, hips, and glutes, we rolled and massaged ourselves to restore those overused muscles and help mobilise stiff joints.

We had a ton of interest in this session and a big turn out on the day. With a total of 37 participants, it was a pretty full house! To top it off, another great thing about this class was that all participants got to keep their spiky massage balls – so now we can all practice our awesome new skills at home!

Finally, to finish off the month a Laughter Yoga therapy session was held by Merv Neal from Laughter Yoga Australia.

Merv kicked things off by telling us his inspiring story of how laughter yoga therapy saved his life when doctors gave him only a week to live. Here’s Merv pictured below looking happy as, well, Merv (we think he is happier than the standard happy Larry).


We then moved on to warm-up breathing and stretching exercises to help us ‘learn how to laugh’ from deep within the belly. From there, the fun really began with a series of activities and exercises to get us all chatting, laughing, playing and bonding with one another. It didn’t take long for the simulated laughter to become real, rip-roaring belly laughs, with everyone in the room breaking out in hysterics.

Next up were some exercises designed to help us get rid of all our worries, release any tension and stresses in our lives, and learn to associate only happy feelings. To finish, we enjoyed some lovely meditation and relax time and then said our goodbyes with a team huddle!

A picture tells a thousand words and judging from our group photo below, it looks like everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Nexus International Women’s Day event

On March 20th we hosted our very own International Women’s Day event in order to honour, celebrate and empower all of the extraordinary, hardworking women of Nexus. 


The doors opened at 12pm, giving tenants plenty of time to eat, drink and be merry as well as time to mingle and get to know one another. Our guest speaker Tammy Van Wisse was even happy to chat.

The event officially kicked off at 12.30pm, and was opened by GS1 Australia‘s esteemed leader, executive director and CEO Maria Palazzolo, who was our talented MC for the occasion. Maria not only opened the presentation, but she also shared with us her own experiences in the workplace and her journey of climbing the corporate ladder.


Next up it was time for the lady of the hour herself – the inspirational, awe-inspiring, champion marathon swimmer Tammy Van Wisse. A true trailblazer in her field, Tammy shared with us intimate details of her life journey, including impressive career highlights and struggles.



After the event we were treated to a delicious assortment of refreshments from our foodie friends at XS Roasting Kitchen. XS Roasting have a brand new catering menu that they were keen to showcase, consisting of a gourmet selection of mini baguettes, bagels, Asian-inspired finger food, savoury pastries, and delectable sweets.

Guide Dog visit to Nexus

Last week was filled with puppy love, poochy smooches and doggie cuddles, as we were visited by the crew from Guide Dogs Victoria.


Everyone had such a wonder-fur day as community members became acquainted with seven adorable dogs from Guide Dogs Victoria.

On the day, we were introduced to three lovely Ambassador Dogs – the oh-so-lovable Rafa, sweet-natured Whitney and the very lady-like Brinna.

Plus, we were also treated to four puppies-in-training, who are all hoping to become fully-fledged assistance dogs one day in the near future. There was the super chilled Tamsin, cutie pie Cleo, inquisitive Inky and playful Ivor (all seven pooches are pictured below).


We spent the day chatting to the Guide Dogs team, volunteers and puppy carers, to learn more about the wonderful work they do and ways we can help. It was great to see the happy, smiling faces of so many tenants, and the pure joy that these dogs brought to your day was a special thing to witness.



Thank you to everyone who did their part to help Guide Dogs Victoria by generously donating on the day. We are proud to announce that we managed to raise a collective total of $2,109.50 – an incredible result in just two and a half hours!

Well done on an amazing fundraising effort and for making this event the re-bark-able success that it was. By donating, purchasing merchandise and sharing lots of love and cuddles with all of the beautiful doggies, you’re helping to spread awareness of Guide Dogs Victoria and support their valuable work.

Events like these also serve as an important part of the puppies training process, as interacting with different people, socialising and becoming accustomed to large crowds is all part and parcel of becoming a successful Guide Dog. If you’d like more information on fundraising or volunteering, please visit their website.


Business Booming at Nexus Corporate

Major multinational companies continue to be drawn to Nexus Corporate.

Victoria’s largest business park continues to thrive with Salta Properties opening a new $50 million building  at 10 Nexus Court in Mulgrave.

The 8,400sqm state-of-the-art office development at Nexus Corporate comprises of six levels with an average floor plate of 1,600sqm to accommodate expansive work environments and maximise natural light and views.

Salta Properties Managing Director, Sam Tarascio explained that its masterplan for Nexus Corporate was to continue to strengthen the working environment at the business park and provide flow-on benefits to the surrounding community.

“We are committed to ensuring that Nexus Corporate sets new benchmarks for best practice in business parks. Our continuous investment into infrastructure upgrades and amenities as well as new building developments continues to attract and retain incredible tenants,” said Mr Tarascio.

“We are grateful to City of Monash for supporting our long-term vision at Nexus Corporate, allowing us to see this business park come to life and deliver ongoing economic benefits to the local community.”

Major multinational companies continue to be drawn to Nexus Corporate with most of the new building already occupied. City Holdings is taking the lead tenancy with 4,485sqm of space to house its business operations followed by Brenntag Australia (1,259sqm), Renault Australia (804sqm), Group Four Building Surveyors (804sqm), Knight Frank Australia (400sqm) and Entrust Datacard South Pacific (233sqm).

Architecturally designed by Gray Puksand, the exterior of 10 Nexus Court is defined by two different frontages with an elegant softly curved curtain wall on the Nexus Court side which heavily contrasts with the pre-cast concrete bar-code inspired façade facing Monash Freeway.

The building also offers incredible amenities that are set to impress employees including a rooftop Futsal and Basketball court, end-of-trip facilities and bike storage and 300 car spaces.

Work life at Nexus Corporate also provides access to on-site concierge services via the Equiem portal, child care facilities, health and wellness programs and a variety of cafes.

Nexus Corporate opened in 2002 and now houses more than 60,000sqm of office space across nine buildings with a predicted end value in excess of $500 million.

10 Nexus Court

The latest addition to Nexus Corporate is 10 Nexus Court.


Project Facts

Total Construction Value – $28.6m
G+6 (inclusive of recreational rooftop)
3 Level Basement
Building Size; 8,400sqm (with 350sqm lettable area remaining).
Average Floor Plates: 1600sqm designed with ability to split into 4 tenancy spaces
5 star NABERS rating and 5 star Green star design rating.
Carparking Numbers: 308

Key Consultants

Architect: Gray Puksand
Services: COVA
Structure:  Farrar.D
Building Surveyor: McKenzie Group

Construction Progress:

  • Commencement of Basement Excavation – March 2017
  • Completion of Basement Excavation – August 2017 (6 months)
  • Structure Top Out – Christmas 2017 (4 Months)
  • Construction Completion – June 2018


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