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Diwali Festival at Nexus

In celebration of Diwali, last month we hosted a spectacular, super fun, and interactive Diwali-inspired Bollywood dance show for our community to enjoy. If you attended, you already know how great it was. If you missed out, check out all the highlights from the day as we recap it for you below.

On Wednesday 26 October we invited the professional dance crew from Ignite Bollywood Dance Company to Nexus to perform a live Diwali-inspired Bollywood dance show. Dressed in traditional garments, we also had a Dhol (a live Indian drummer) to really help bring the good vibes and get the party started!

It was a wet and rainy day, so we hosted the event in the undercover area of Arbor Cafe’s outdoor section. Starting at 12.45pm, our Dhol set the scene with his awesome drumming skills. The beats could be heard loud and far, and really helped to bring in a crowd.

Next, our dancers warmed up the audience by performing a couple of fun dance numbers to classic Bollywood tunes and then a couple of dances to the beats of live drumming. After witnessing the beautiful sights, sounds, and culture of India, it was then over to our community to have a go!

Jag and the team from Ignite Bollywood showed us some fun and simple Bollywood dance moves and the audience partition was on point! Before long, we had a Bollywood dance party in full swing!

After the festivities were over, the performers handed out beautiful diamonte-encrusted Diya (Indian tea-light candles) to take home as a parting gift. Several people also stuck around for a meet and greet and snapped some pretty cool pics for the ‘gram.

It was wonderful to see our community really get behind this fun, cultural event.


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