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RU OK Day at Nexus

We’re proud to support R U OK? Day, which is why we host an event each year to mark this important occasion and spread awareness.

R U OK? Day encourages us to check in on friends, family, and colleagues and ask that all-important question, ‘Are you okay?’

We had a fabulous lineup of activities to help take care of your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as your social health. If you missed it, or simply want to re-live it, check out the highlights below.

We wanted to help our community get in on the spirit of the day, so on Tuesday 13 September, we hosted a sound healing meditation with Dorothea from Sydasana Workplace Wellness. Dorothea delivered a very powerful session that utilised a ‘sound bath’ style. She used different unique instruments including a gong, a wave drum (for ocean waves), and multiple steel drums. It was a relaxing experience that helped our community alleviate stress and ground themselves.

On Thursday 14 September, the official R U OK? Day, we asked the Community to pop by Arbor Cafe to spin the Nexus Wheel of Wellness. There were plenty of prizes to be scooped up including fidget toys, bath bombs, and weighted eye masks. It was also a great way to create a shared safe space and give people the opportunity to start a serious conversation.

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