Feel Good February Meditation Workshop

We know that our community loves mindfulness practices. So, when we hosted a workshop that combined mindfulness with meditation and a dash of yoga, we knew we were onto a good thing.

Therefore, it was no surprise that this session was popular with loads of interest from the community – it was a packed house on the day.

This workshop was led by the wonderful Kara, a qualified Ashtanga yoga teacher. Kara kicked off the class with some practical pranayama breathing exercises and breath awareness work. By making us all slow down and concentrate on our breathing, it put the body and mind in the right state for self-awareness and mindfulness.



Next up, we took part in a gentle, slow flow restorative yoga practice. Restorative yoga is much slower than our usual Tuesday Vinyasa class, with each pose held for longer periods of time, allowing the muscles to fully relax and really settle into each pose.

Lastly, we finished off this blissfully relaxing session with a 15-minute guided meditation exercise and Shavasana. This exercise was great for beginners and people who struggle to meditate.

Starting with a complete body scan, we turn our awareness inward to connect with the breath, mind, body, and soul and then just when we thought we couldn’t be any more relaxed.

We were all so chilled that some of our attendees may or may not have drifted off to sleep on a little micro-nap, with Kara making mention that we were some of the most zen people she had ever worked with.


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