Feel Good February

We dedicated the month of February to making our community feel good, look good and be your best you, starting with a healthy nutrition workshop. 

Run in partnership with Pinnacle Health Club and hosted by their resident dietician, Mikaela Welti, this lunchtime workshop was insightful and informative, giving us great nutritional advice, handy tips, and probably most importantly, healthy meal ideas that we can easily replicate.

Mikaela is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), qualified personal trainer, and owner and founder of her own nutrition business Welti Wellness – so she’s well and truly an expert in her field.

Mikaela began the session by running through the basic principals of good nutritional advice using the ‘Australian Guide to Healthy Eating’ food pyramid. This guide is the holy grail on food selection, outlining the types and amounts of foods we should eat daily from the five food groups.


We learned how to boost our daily nutrient and vitamin intake, which fuels our bodies for greater productivity and Mikaela also shared some clever little ways that we can curb those 3pm sugar cravings with nutritious and satisfying snack ideas.

Lastly, we learned about the importance of gut health and how having balanced gut flora can play a crucial role in our overall health. Plus, as an added bonus, every participant who attended also received a 28-day healthy meal plan to take home.



There was huge interest from our community and we had a full house. Plus, many people stayed back after the session to chat with Mikaela to have all their health questions answered.

We hope everyone enjoyed the workshop and left the session feeling a lot more knowledgeable in regards to healthy eating. 


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