Guide Dog visit to Nexus

Last week was filled with puppy love, poochy smooches and doggie cuddles, as we were visited by the crew from Guide Dogs Victoria.


Everyone had such a wonder-fur day as community members became acquainted with seven adorable dogs from Guide Dogs Victoria.

On the day, we were introduced to three lovely Ambassador Dogs – the oh-so-lovable Rafa, sweet-natured Whitney and the very lady-like Brinna.

Plus, we were also treated to four puppies-in-training, who are all hoping to become fully-fledged assistance dogs one day in the near future. There was the super chilled Tamsin, cutie pie Cleo, inquisitive Inky and playful Ivor (all seven pooches are pictured below).


We spent the day chatting to the Guide Dogs team, volunteers and puppy carers, to learn more about the wonderful work they do and ways we can help. It was great to see the happy, smiling faces of so many tenants, and the pure joy that these dogs brought to your day was a special thing to witness.



Thank you to everyone who did their part to help Guide Dogs Victoria by generously donating on the day. We are proud to announce that we managed to raise a collective total of $2,109.50 – an incredible result in just two and a half hours!

Well done on an amazing fundraising effort and for making this event the re-bark-able success that it was. By donating, purchasing merchandise and sharing lots of love and cuddles with all of the beautiful doggies, you’re helping to spread awareness of Guide Dogs Victoria and support their valuable work.

Events like these also serve as an important part of the puppies training process, as interacting with different people, socialising and becoming accustomed to large crowds is all part and parcel of becoming a successful Guide Dog. If you’d like more information on fundraising or volunteering, please visit their website.



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