Mindful Movement in May

The Mindful Movement in May kicked off with a Zumba class – Steve led us all on a journey of upbeat music, dance and cardio aerobic moves to produce a fun workout, which managed to work up a sweat without feeling like a chore.

The following week saw more than 35 attendees at our Pilates Class.

The class was led by our wonderful instructor Bec Louey, who guided us through a series of strengthening exercises that activated the core, strengthened the back and engaged all manner of muscles – we’re talking glutes, quads and abs.

It’s amazing what an overall workout you can actually achieve despite much of it being completed on a mat. If you attended the class, I have no doubt you were feeling it the next day.




The third week saw a myofascial release class, which was a great hit!

With most of us working in sedentary desk jobs, it doesn’t take long for stress and tension to cause pain and discomfort. That’s why we thought a session like this was a much-needed commodity.

The class was led by our amazing instructor Jovana, who guided us through a series of exercises to help relieve built-up tension in our muscles. Each participant received their very own spiky massage ball, and by applying self-massage techniques, we were able to loosen-up any sore, tight spots.

Jovana taught us how to correctly use the massage ball and how to properly apply pressure to stimulate circulation in the myofascial tissues. Below you can see the lady herself showing us how it’s done.


Jovana, who is an ex-gymnast and qualified personal trainer certified in myofascial release training, started off the class with some warm-up exercises to limber us up and get us ready for what was to come. Starting from the soles of our feet and working all the way up to our calves, thighs, hips, and glutes, we rolled and massaged ourselves to restore those overused muscles and help mobilise stiff joints.

We had a ton of interest in this session and a big turn out on the day. With a total of 37 participants, it was a pretty full house! To top it off, another great thing about this class was that all participants got to keep their spiky massage balls – so now we can all practice our awesome new skills at home!

Finally, to finish off the month a Laughter Yoga therapy session was held by Merv Neal from Laughter Yoga Australia.

Merv kicked things off by telling us his inspiring story of how laughter yoga therapy saved his life when doctors gave him only a week to live. Here’s Merv pictured below looking happy as, well, Merv (we think he is happier than the standard happy Larry).


We then moved on to warm-up breathing and stretching exercises to help us ‘learn how to laugh’ from deep within the belly. From there, the fun really began with a series of activities and exercises to get us all chatting, laughing, playing and bonding with one another. It didn’t take long for the simulated laughter to become real, rip-roaring belly laughs, with everyone in the room breaking out in hysterics.

Next up were some exercises designed to help us get rid of all our worries, release any tension and stresses in our lives, and learn to associate only happy feelings. To finish, we enjoyed some lovely meditation and relax time and then said our goodbyes with a team huddle!

A picture tells a thousand words and judging from our group photo below, it looks like everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.



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