Nexus Sustainability Committee launch

The first meeting of the Nexus Sustainability Committee was a great success, with a solid start made to this important initiative

Presented by Salta Properties‘ Sustainability Manager Nikki Paton, we kicked off the meeting by stating the intention behind this committee and shared some cold hard facts with attendees, like this one: Did you know that 98% of our community who participated in the sustainability survey last year are concerned about the impact of waste on the environment?

This is a staggering statistic that was important to address and is what motivated us to start the Nexus Sustainability Committee in the first place! We had a great turn out, as you can see below.


We partnered with a new waste management provider in order to improve our current waste management in the hope of reducing waste and diverting it from landfill. If you missed this announcement earlier in the year, you can catch up via this post: Ready for some trash talk?

The committee’s focus then shifted to discussing what we want to achieve at Nexus, and Salta Properties’s commitment to making substantial changes. As a result, we are now supplying all tenancies with complimentary waste and recycling bins, in order to help each tenancy correctly sort their rubbish.

These Ecobins will be offered free of charge and quantities will be dependent on the individual size of each tenancy.


You might be surprised to know that Nexus Corporate is currently diverting over 42% of our waste from landfill. We think we can improve these stats and aim to increase this figure to 50% or more by the next financial year.



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